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Woman's body building competition

Miss Florida Competition, 2009

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Angela Beyer, a renowned trainer, online coach, and professional health coach, has an
extraordinary journey that led her to become a personal trainer and health coach specializing in helping women build muscle and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

From a young age, Angela had a keen interest in sports, resulting in low body fat and excellent muscle quality. However, as hormones kicked in and college life took over, she faced challenges. After experiencing trial and error, developing an eating disorder, and encountering major health issues, Angela made the decision to pursue a degree in Nutrition.
Combining her knowledge and unwavering determination to take her body to the next level,
Angela dedicated herself to daily gym sessions. With consistent effort, she transformed her
physique and ventured into her first bodybuilding competition, instantly falling in love with the
sport. Angela believes that bodybuilding is akin to art, where one's body becomes the canvas.

Angela Beyer's achievements span a wide range, from successful bodybuilding competitions to winning titles such as Miss Florida, Miss USA, and Miss Universe. She has also delved into
celebrity training and authored a health and fitness book. Furthermore, Angela founded House of Shape, offering women the guidance they need to attain their fitness goals.
Angela has garnered recognition for her accomplishments, and her work has been featured in prestigious publications such as  All Star Magazine Germany, Flex Magazine, Florida Sun
, Global Trade Magazine, and Naples Daily News.


Today, Angela works with CEOs, entrepreneurs, high-level executives, top-class athletes, and
clients worldwide, empowering them to rapidly increase their energy levels, transform their
bodies, and enhance their mental clarity.

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