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Tailored exercise and nutrition plan to prep you for surgery and promote a speedy and healthy recovery

3 workouts per week

Workouts take 30-45 minutes

Exercise & Nutrition

Customized exercise and nutrition plan

Expert Coaching & Accountability

Weekly coaching call with Coach Angela


Developing good exercise habits starts before surgery.

Imagine seeing toned abs, a flat stomach, and the contour of your abdominal muscles, but the surgeon cannot do all the work. For optimal results, YOU have to prepare for the big day and put the work in beforehand as well. This means making adjustments in your diet and your exercise program. After coaching tummy tuck patients and working alongside aesthetic surgeons for 10+ years I know the formula for a quick and healthy surgery recovery and how to maintain results.  

.A customized fitness and nutrition plan 3-6 months before surgery will empower you to prep for surgery and maintain your success and beautiful new look post-op.

I'm here to support you in your confidence journey and to help you achieve the most optimal result you are hoping for! I can't wait to start working together.


Your Coach, Angela

Let's go!

3 month online plan +
weekly 30 minute virtual check-ins with Angela
3 month live coaching plan (virtual or in person) + weekly 30 minute virtual check-ins with Angela
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