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Tailored exercise and nutrition plan for the everyday busy person

3 workouts per week

Workouts take 30-45 minutes and require minimal equipment

Exercise & Nutrition

Customized exercise and nutrition plan

Expert Coaching & Accountability

Weekly coaching call with Coach Angela

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Unlock Your Best YOU

Are you ready to embrace a journey of positive change, shed those extra pounds, and boost your overall well-being? With almost 30 years of weight loss coaching experience, I designed an efficient and effective exercise and nutrition program tailored to you.

The Shape Up program begins with a comprehensive assessment, where I delve deep into understanding your body, lifestyle, and preferences. With this invaluable insight, I craft a customized exercise regimen that suits your fitness level and challenges you to achieve new heights with minimal equipment. Healthy and sustainable weight loss also required a balanced nutrition plan. Alongside your exercise program is a tailored wholesome, balanced, and delicious meal plan that complements your workouts and accelerates your progress. 

I'm here to support you in your confidence journey and to help you achieve your goals!

I can't wait to start working together.


Your Coach, Angela

Let's go!

6 month online plan + weekly

30 minute virtual check-in with Angela


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