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Ways to eat healthy when you are super busy

Nowadays we are so busy that food becomes a low priority. Sure, we all are busy: Work, kids, relationship, and social life are often the first priority and healthy eating becomes a secondary concern in your life. So you go to a fast-food restaurant, drive-thru, grab something form the gas station, vending machine or work cafeteria. Even when you get home you are probably so tired that you order takeout and grab some frozen dinners. Maybe you solve your hunger problem but at the end it takes a toll on your health, you gain weight. and lose energy.

Here are some tips so you can live healthier even with your busy lifestyle.

MAKE BREAKFAST A PRIORITY. First thing in the morning, start your day with 8 oz. of water of warm lemon water. This will boost your immune system, hydrates, detoxes, relieves stress with Vitamin C and supports your digestion. Then get ready for your breakfast and your day. A healthy breakfast is crucial to getting your body ready for a long day. Breakfast you can prepare at home and you can make health choices, like a egg white vegetable omelette, Greek yogurt with some fruits, or a healthy protein smoothie. You will find recipes at

TAKE HEALTHY SNACKS WITH YOU FOR THE DAY. You are in charge of your health, so find healthy snacks options which are easy to grab-and-go, like pre-packed nuts, fruits or healthy protein bars. Make sure you pre-pack the nuts, it is easy to overeat on them, because they are high in calories.

DRINK A LOT OF WATER. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to be hydrated. Have a good quality water bottle with you, preferably filled with spring water. You can add flavor to the water with stevia, lemons, limes, cucumbers, or mint in order to keep it interesting and flavorful. Stay away from artificial sweeteners and food colors. Watch your coffee intake during the day.

TRY TO FIND A ROUTINE AND EAT THE SAME TIME EVERY DAY. Most busy people control their daily routines, this way they can control what is controllable, so they are mentally free for the unexpected challenges or opportunities which come their way. Your diet should not be any different. Having a routine for eating ensures that you are able to make healthy choices and you can prepare for it. It takes a lot of stress of your chest.

REDUCE YOUR CALORIE INTAKE BY THE END OF THE DAY. Have you ever heard the saying “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”? Try to do it and see how you feel. I promise you, you will be surprise how much better you feel. At least try during the lunch break to eat a lighter lunch, like a salad with some protein and a light dressing. Calorie-rich business lunches are tempting but easy to avoid if you make it a priority to pick a lighter lunch.

GET SOME EXERCISE IN. Just an evening walk after dinner to relax and to move your body after a long day in the office would allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Set goals, like 10,000 steps a day. It is a start. Exercise will make a positive impact on your health. Include your family, so they benefit too and your family time improves. If you need support in order to get started, I can help you with online personal training and health coaching to get your lifestyle healthier and happier.

Your health coach Angela

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