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The most common obstacles to getting in shape

“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” Frank A.

I am a Health Coach and Personal Trainer and trust me, I make a living by helping my clients to overcome their obstacles to get in shape and be healthy.

One thing is for sure: YOU CAN DO IT!

I just want to write about the top 3 obstacles and how to overcome them.

The first Obstacle is Money: “Oh, i can’t afford a personal trainer” or “Eating healthy is so expensive”. WRONG! Little adjustments in your daily life, like parking far away and walk to the supermarket, or don’t take the elevator, take the stairs would already help. But you should go thru your budget and you will find an exercises program which fits your budget and your needs, for examples: online personal training, gym membership, meet up groups and so on. It is important that you move. We are not made to sit around. Keep your diet simple, reduce your intake slowly, eat 3 – 5 small meals and try to eliminate all the white foods, like sugar and white flour. Don’t skip meals and wait to long until your craving take over.

The second obstacle is TIME. I heard it so many times “I just don’t have the time.” or “Between work and family life, I just can’t make it to the gym.” You should always remind yourself that your health is the most important thing and that you be reason enough to make time for yourself to be in shape. You can’t not go to work and help your family if you are not healthy. It is a commitment which is essential to be successful. Start with a 20 minute exercises program per day. You will see how fast you will feel more energized and your sleep will be better too. Use a tracker, set goals and reminders and you will find your routine. Be organized and plan ahead. It will take a lot of stress of your chest and you can focus on your goals.

The third obstacle is EMOTIONALLY NOT READY. Unfortunately I heard it a lot “I really don’t want to workout. It is not my thing.” “I always feel so out of place when I go to the gym.” Trust me, nobody want to admit it but this is a huge obstacle, nobody wants to talk about it. We live in a society where the beautiful are revered and the imperfect are ostracized. This is the reason why people are incredibly embarrassed by their bodies. For most people it is a very difficult decision to get in shape, then they have to deal with going into a scary, new environment where they feel like they are the center of attention. Be assured, the first day of getting in shape will be the hardest one, then every day after that will become easier. You have to take yourself out of your comfort zone to make the change. That being said, make sure that you find an environment that feels the most comfortable to you and motivates you. You should look forward to your next workout time (gym, home, nature…) Starting the journey is often the biggest step to your success.

One thing is for sure: Everybody is able to get in shape, be happy and be healthy. There is always a solution which will fit your needs. And it is never too late. Start today, today is the best day to get your shape and health back.

All the best for your health journey, your health coach Angela

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