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House of Shape with Angela Beyer

Welcome to the House of Shape 


Where you can find handpicked supplements and foods, health coaching, personal training and nutrition guidance to get and stay in Shape!

Everything at House of Shape represents over 28 years of knowledge and experience in the personal training, health coaching, competitive sport and lots of own dieting.

The House of Shape is built with my passion, with my heart, and with my knowledge.


Yes, I have been there, on my own and with clients:

Not having enough time in the day, too much food prep, doesn’t taste, not maintainable, unhealthy, limits your social life, puts a strain on the relationship and family, doesn’t fit in your lifestyle and so on.

I have learned from my many successes, and yes, also some failures. 

I came up with many options and solutions so you don’t have to go thru all this. I am very happy that you will be joining me to get in shape and enjoy a happier and healthier life.


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